Creativity is intelligence having fun. Without intelligence there is no creativity. This isn’t about brain power though; but research, data, experience. Creativity is original thought that adds value. At EIGHT we turn intelligence into value through creativity, and we do it in a fun way.


We consume, digest, hunt, seek out, collate and take-in huge piles full of rich information. We read everything, we digest reports, we look at trends, we see surveys, research, strategies, we watch presentations, go to conferences, network, ask loads of questions. We get to know audiences, what they are doing, what they are thinking. We test our campaigns, we review, we crunch the numbers. And then we do it all again.

Join The Club

Never underestimate the power of the little Black Book. Intelligence grows through intelligent people; great ideas evolve with discussion; stories need to be told to audiences. The Club consists of clients, stakeholders and business colleagues. They inform EIGHT, and they help us do our jobs by spreading our messages even further. The Club is value in abundance for our clients. It’s a reason to work with us. So, join The Club.

Welcome to EIGHT, a specialist PR & marketing agency for the event industry. We exist because we love and are massive supporters of the sector. But we’re as equally keen about PR & marketing; something we do exceptionally well.

We talk about marketing; the place of events in the marketing mix, how we can encourage business to invest in face-to-face communication.

We talk about people; using connections, experience and networks to gain unbeatable market intelligence on the people and audiences that your business needs to engage with. We talk about creativity; creating ideas, campaigns and messages that create an emotional connection.

We talk about places; getting people into places, connecting them with a destination, city or venue. Creating an experience around them and for them.

We talk about personality; more than bricks and mortar, destinations, venues and cities have them too. People buy people, but they emotionally connect with personality.